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“Joel the Engineer” Entertains At Portage Lake District Library

A Michigan Tech alumnus returned to Houghton to perform a magical comedy show at the Portage Lake District Library.

Michigan’s Family Funnyman Joel Tacey performed his Book Builder Magical Comedy show, where he brings seven children’s book to life in a variety of ways.

Tacey said he stages his show like a movie, with highs and lows, and, of course, lots of laughter and audience participation.

Attendees had cups blown off of their heads, played with lasers and even time-traveled while Tacey told jokes and performed magic tricks for the families.

“It’s all about families. I’ve got a family myself and I love when moms and dads and kids can all go somewhere, all enjoy every aspect of what’s going on,” said Tacey. “I’m super excited to be back here in Houghton. I went to Michigan Tech when I was younger and this is a way better way to make a living than being an actual engineer.”

The program was put on by the library and was free for everyone who attended.

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