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Johnson Addresses Houghton Parking Deck Demo Cost

Houghton city voters will go to the polls Tuesday to select a new council member.

Mike Salmi, Robyn Johnson and Craig Waddell are on the ballot, and all appeared on Copper Country Today this past Sunday.

With a bill for more than a million dollars coming up for demolition of the city’s aging parking deck, host Todd VanDyke asked each of them where the money will come from.

Johnson said that, at least initially, the city may need to dig deep…

It’s largely going to have to come from city money at this point in time. Hopefully some public funding, as well as loans to pay for the initial project.

Johnson added that she would be open to asking voters to consider an added millage to pay the bill, if paying for removal of the deck would threaten other city services…

If it comes to that, yes, I would support that.

We’ll highlight Waddell’s answer to the question in an upcoming newscast, and you can hear their full Copper Country Today interviews at KeweenawReport.com.

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