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KBIC Issues Narcan To Tribal Offices To Aid In Opioid Overdoses

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community’s Tribal Police Department has issued Narcan to all its Patrol Officers.

The Officers have been trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose, as well as how to administer Narcan to victims experiencing an overdose.

Each officer was issued nasally administered Narcan upon completion of the training.

The new program supports the Community’s and Police Department’s commitment to public safety and health.

The addition of Narcan to the officer’s capabilities greatly enhances their ability to respond to opioid overdoses.

Officers already carry medical equipment in their patrol vehicles, including a large first aid/trauma kit, AED defibrillator and now each offer will care Narcan with them.

Narcan, a brand name for the drug Naloxone, is an “opioid antagonist”, which means it displaces opioid from receptors in the brain and can immediately reverse the effects of an overdose.

It has few side effects and does not cause harm if it is administered to a person who has not overdosed on opioids.

It is administered nasally and does not use needles/sharps.

The KBTPD would like to thank Michigan State Police Lieutenant Randal Danison for obtaining the grant that provided the Narcan supplies to their department.

Also deserving recognition are Bay Ambulance EMT’s Gary Wadaga and Nathan Stockton for providing Narcan use training.

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