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Kittens Left In Blanket Outside Copper Country Humane Society


The Copper Country Humane Society accepts animals to be put up for adoption, usually with no questions asked or cost to the person dropping the animal off.

Which makes what happened last week at the shelter a senseless tragedy.

When the shelter opened in the afternoon, a volunteer found kittens wrapped in a blanket and left outside.

CCHS Staff Member Katelyn Hough said, “There were three of them. Unfortunately, there was only one that was able to survive being in the freezing cold. They were just left wrapped in a blanket, thrown to the side where we wouldn’t have noticed them and they had to have been there overnight because they were so covered in snow.”

Hough, who was also at the shelter that day.  She ran out to help and that’s when she saw the third kitten, with only the tip of her ear showing in the snow.

Hough said, “I saw one up on the hill in the snow. I saw a little black ear wiggling and I dove through the snow so I could make sure that I got her and, thankfully, she was…she was alright.”

The mother cat was also abandoned. She was later found and caught in a live trap a few days later. Her name is Destiny and she is doing well and is now up for adoption.

Her sole surviving kitten was named Camilla and has already found a new home.

The staff at the CCHS ask that the person who left the animals outside come forward.

Hough said, “We would like to find out who it is, mainly so that we can educate them and we would appreciate an apology.”

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