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Know Your Zika

There’s more to Zika than just a mosquito bite.
While searching for targets that could be used to generate antibodies against the Zika virus, biologists from Michigan Technological University set out to bring together all the available information about new Zika research. Their review paper, published in BioMed Central’s Journal of Virology last week, provides a comprehensive overview of the virus, its history, the multiple modes of transmission and connections to miscarriage risks and how dengue virus infection may exacerbate a Zika infection.
The key point is that complex biological interactions of Zika in infected cells and hosts can complicate vaccine and drug development. Read more about the specifics in the news release. This review paper is a good resource for anyone who wants a thorough look at new Zika research in one place. 
Allison Mills
Science & Tech Writer
Michigan Tech

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