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Lake Linden-Hubbelle Students Can Pick Up Locker Items

Students from the Lake Linden-Hubbell School District can get their locker items back on Friday, April 10th.

If your student is in grades 7-12, you can pick your stuff up from 8am-1pm at the high school.

Seniors can pick up at the side entrance of the church parking lot.

Juniors can swing by the shop side entrance.

Sophomores and freshmen can pick up at the main entrance, across from the post office.

7th & 8th graders can go to the front entrance by the digital sign.

The elementary school is also having their pick up, in the circle drive between the high school and elementary buildings.

Kindergarten picks up between 8a-9a.

1st grade picks up between 9a-10a.

2nd grade picks up between 10a-11a.

3rd grade picks up from 11a-noon.

4th grade picks up from noon-1pm.

5th grade picks up from 1p-2p and 6th graders can pick up between 2p and 3p.

You are allowed to pick up belongings for other people, if you have students in both buildings, you can make one trip, even if it’s not your scheduled time, and remember to bring back any library books or unneeded textbooks, and please practice social distancing.

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