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Latest Data Suggests Michigan Is Making Progress Against COVID-19

The latest data on the battle against COVID-19 is suggesting Michigan is making progress against the virus.

Over the past several days,  the state has seen fewer than 500 new cases per day.

And during this time there have been fewer than 50 deaths per day.

At the height of the virus, during the last week of March and the first week of April, Michigan averaged 1,100 new cases a week.

Last week’s average was below 350.

Deaths, since the height of the pandemic have dropped by nearly half.

Increased testing has seen a drop in the number of new cases, and last month, Michigan ranked 3rd in the nation in total cases, today, we are 7th.

Despite the promising news, that doesn’t mean the state, or even the U.P. is in the clear yet.

Michigan Tech’s COVID-19 Lab Manager Caryn Heldt.

The state is waiting to see if Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home Stay Safe” Executive Order, which is set to expire on May 28th, will be extended or not. 

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