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Lecture Focuses On Nation’s Financial Crisis

It’s been about 10 years since the start of the country’s financial crisis and many feel like it’s still not over.

Also, many economists are questioning what kind of crisis is coming up next since it’s been over 8 years since the recession ended and many fear the side-effects of policies that were enacted in the last 10 years.

Michigan Tech Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Latika Gupta will give a public lecture on February 15th at 7pm in Room 112 of the ME-EM on campus.

The title of the discussion is “Borrowing, Bernanke, and Beyond: The Whys, Whodunits, & What’s-Nexts of the Great Recession”.

Dr. Gupta will discuss:

– What lead to the crisis?
– Policy responses
– Who was responsible?
– Policies to avoid future crisis
–  What to expect NEXT?
 – A decade later, what was learnt?

There will be a time for questions following the lecture.

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