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Local Organizations Showcase Their Services

human-services-expoThere are many services available to local residents, but how do residents get the help they need if they don’t know what services are out there?

The Local Human Services Expo held at the Copper Country Mall brought together many of the agencies that are there for those that need them.

Copper Country Human Services Coordinating Body Chair Mark Maggio said, “What we have is 20 agencies in collaboration that meet, come together, showcase their resources that we have in our community to help better serve the people.”

The Copper Country Human Services Coordinating Body organized the event which was free to the public.

The expo was also helpful to the agencies themselves.

Maggio said, “The reason why we do this expo, it’s to enable employees of each of our organizations to come and see the services that are going on at other organizations. Also, it’s open to the public, so the public can see what is available in this community. There’s a lot of resources that people may not be aware of.”

The 20 organizations feature hundreds of available services for residents in Houghton, Baraga, Keweenaw and Ontonagon Counties.

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