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A Look Back On Keweenaw National Historical Park’s 2017 Season

2017 has been a good year for the Keweenaw National Historical Park.

Tuesday’s board meeting highlighted some of the recent events for the season and recapped the success of the NHP’s community involvement.

Several heritage sites recently received new signage, allowing the old ones to be honored in the trail system.

Executive Director Scott See said, “By installing a new large sign, smaller older signs that we had there, we’ve put up on the recreational trail so as people go through on snowmobiles or dirt bikes or whatever, they have a sense of what they’re going through.”

Another item of discussion was a generous recent donation to the park. The donation was made anonymously by a local family.

Park attendance is up. This year’s solar eclipse generated some 1600 viewers to come and spend the afternoon on the Quincy Hill gazing at the star.

Over 700 community volunteers were commended for their efforts totaling over 38,000 man hours.

The park has recently updated its website to be more user-friendly and allow visitors easier access to necessary documents.

The park’s next quarterly meeting is scheduled for January.

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