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Marijuana Legalization, Redistricting, & Voting Rules All On Statewide Ballot

Voters throughout the state of Michigan will determine the fate of three ballot proposals.

Known simply as Proposals 1, 2, and 3, a great deal of money has been spent by both sides to convince you of which way to vote.

Proposal 1 deals with the legalization of the possession, use and cultivation of marijuana for people over 21.

Marijuana would still not be allowed to be used in public places and those under the influence would be prohibited from driving, but it would also keep the final approval of allowing a marijuana business to operate up to local municipalities.

Proposal 2 addresses so-called Gerrymandering, which is the practice of redrawing voting districts to benefit politicians in power.

It seeks to create an independent commission of citizens to set district boundaries.

Proposal 3 focuses on a number of changes to the voting process from making voting registration automatic when getting a new driver’s license, being able to register to vote all the way up to and including Election Day, no reason absentee-voting and allowing straight-ticket voting.

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