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McBroom Discusses $4.7 B Infrastructure Program

The $4.7 billion infrastructure program recently approved by the state will funnel money to our area, and the U.P. in general.

The lion’s share of the money will fund water and sewer system improvements. Republican State Senator Ed McBroom is satisfied with the way that money will be doled out…

I think when it comes to the water side, we did some really excellent work on making sure that our local communities across the U.P. are going to have more access than ever to some of these funds.

McBroom says some of that money has been specifically earmarked for small communities such as ours.

Road and bridge funding, on the other hand, leaves a bit to be desired, with most of the money going toward highways…

You drive around the U.P. and you see a lot of our state highways – they’re not the ones that really need the super attention right now. It’s the crumbling city streets that you can barely drive down that need more attention.

McBroom thinks the state’s overall road funding formula needs to be reworked in the future, to provide more cash for municipal streets.

The bill came together too late for this summer’s construction season. McBroom anticipates bids for projects will begin to be taken late this summer, with an eye toward implementation next year.

You can hear his thoughts about the new infrastructure program on this Sunday’s edition of Copper Country Today.

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