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Michigan Tech Fall Career Fair Offers Many Options For Engineers

Students work for years to get their foot in the door at a company like those who participate in Michigan Tch’s Career Fair.

The biannual event featured over 330 companies looking for top notch recruits in engineering and other fields.

Michigan Tech prepares these students so some may even land a golden opportunity at one of the world’s largest automakers.

General Motors Manufacturing Engineer & 2016 Michigan Tech graduate Nicole Wright said, “I worked a lot with the Career Services throughout my entire career, working on polishing up my resume, working on my networking skills and meeting with recruiters on campus during the Industry Days that Michigan Tech does, just getting face to face time with recruiters and practicing my skills.”

But automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers aren’t the only industries that need high quality talent.

Some engineers have a softer side.

MTU Career Fair 2016--toilet paperKimberly-Clark Lead Project Scientist & 2009 Michigan Tech graduate Nickie Barna said, “I think it’s surprising for people to think of hardcore manufacturing when they see all of these soft products, like toilet paper behind me. You don’t really think about high speed manufacturing and innovation and design, but Kimberly-Clark really has some great innovations, as far as machine equipment and making these products differently and better than other companies out there.”

Many companies will be conducting follow-up interviews with prospective employees this week.

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