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Michigan Tech Hosts COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting

Michigan Tech hosted their fourth of 12 scheduled COVID-19 Town Hall Meetings last night.

The topic was “COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing and Vaccines.”

Tech grad and CDC Investigator Madelyn Morley explained the first part of contact tracing.

“I look through the lab results, check to make sure I know what kind of testing they received and when they were tested, and then I make the call to that patient or case. And I ask them of an interview that lasts usually around 20 minutes. So I ask things about “Where you ever hospitalized?” “What kind of symptoms have you had?” “What is your medical history?” “What kind of living situation are you in?” And then I kind of get into the more investigative work.”

A link to rewatch the first four town halls is here.  

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