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Michigan Tech Spreads Soil & Kindness

Michigan Tech is turning green in the name of kindness. Student Activities hosted an event called Plant-A-Palooza in the backyard of the Outdoor Adventure Program building to get people out and socializing.

Attendees chose a cactus or succulent to plant and take home with them. Coordinator of Student Activities Rochelle Spencer said this will create a little bit of color to contrast the walls of an office or residence hall.

“Hopefully, they will have fun, first and foremost. It’s a nice summer event, gets them outside, gets them thinking about spreading that kindness in the community. We have so many students and community members that like to be outdoors and have that positive attitude and spread that, so hopefully they’ll get a little bit of that feel today as well,” said Coordinator of Student Activities Rochelle Spencer.

In conjunction with Plant-A-Palooza, Student Activities set up a rock decorating station to promote the Kindness Rock Project. The goal of the project is to hide the decorated rocks randomly around the community for people to find.

The rocks are meant to make people smile or to inspire them, but attendees, like graduate student Ankita Bakshi, discovered the same message while decorating them.

“It was so great because I saw a lot of people coming together and write some beautiful things and quotes on the stones. It was so pretty and beautiful at the same time,” said MTU Graduate Student Ankita Bakshi.

Student Activities hosts many programs similar to this one for students staying at the university over the summer. Next week, they are providing a Sunset Cruise in Copper Harbor.

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