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Michigan Tech Students Find Alternative Spring Breaks

Spring Break at Michigan Technological University is underway, and as you may expect, many Huskies are finding unique ways to spend their time off.

While many students are spending the time away from campus in traditional ways, several student organizations seek alternatives to the same old “fun in the sun” routine.

Some Michigan Tech students are aiding in cleaning up the effects of last fall’s deadly hurricane in Texas, some are teaching the marvels of STEM to students and their families in Detroit and North Carolina, while others experience “grapefruit baseball” and in an ironic twist, some are actually looking for deeper snow.

Finally, for international students who just can’t make it home for break, International Programs and Services are once again offering a “Keweenaw Stay-Cation,” featuring activities in the area designed for international Students.

Classes resume March 19.

Read the full story at mtu.edu/news.

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