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Michigan Tech’s CareerFEST Continues With Aerospace Day

Aerospace DayNo doubt a degree from Michigan Tech can help your career take flight.

Students got a look at some of the options available to them during Aerospace Day, one of the Industry Days–part of CareerFEST.

For the few and the proud, there’s the Marines.

Gunnery Sgt. Kory Hampton is with the Marine Corp Officer Selection Team out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He said, “Because of the strict qualifications to get into Michigan Tech and how good the engineering program is, it’s a higher propensity that they can pass our aviation selection, which is what we’re looking for. So, we’re specifically looking for pilots—people that want to fly planes. We have a great pilot program, aviation program.”

If selected and qualified, the student could attend officer candidate school and then flight school.

Gunnery Sgt. Hampton said, “And then, depending on how well you do in flight school, is going to be determined on what platform you’re going to fly—whether you’re flying rotary aircraft or fixed winged-aircraft.”

Industry Days continue with Construction and Building Systems Day Thursday.

All CareerFEST events lead up to the fall Career Fair held later this month.

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