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Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival Set To Begin

Winter Carnival is getting underway and, for students at Michigan Tech, this week is all about fun and games.

Xiong said, “So, Ice Bowling–we have Student Works here playing bowling on ice and a human as a bowling ball.”

Students have been participating in Winter Carnival rituals like broomball, snow volleyball and ice bowling where five team members are required to launch a sixth across the ice on a saucer sled in hopes of getting a few strikes.

Xiong said, “The pins are actually made out of plywood. We have styrofoam to protect the outer edges so students don’t get hurt. And obviously, safety first, we have helmets for students to wear.”

Large snow statues are taking shape all over with crews working into the late night hours as the completion deadline is just a few days away.

Blue Key Honor Society President, Sarah Jo Martens explains how the statues take shape.

Martens said, “They gather all this snow. They’ll grab it in buckets, trash cans. They start filling plywood boxes with the snow. It’s a mixture of slush, water, and snow and it’s always a special formula that each group has perfected in their own way.”

The All-Nighter is Wednesday, where students have 16 hours to build and finish their statues before judging and public display begins on Thursday morning.

A full list of events can be found at mtu.edu/carnival.

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