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Michigan To Count Mail-In Ballots Two Weeks After Election Day

After a Court of Claims ruling earlier today, Michigan must now count mail-in ballots for two weeks, even if they arrive after election day.

Judge Cynthia Stephens essentially extended the deadline for mail-in ballots, provided they are postmarked by November 2nd.

The ruling also allows for “Ballot Harvesting” which allows a third party to pick up and deliver ballots to be counted.

The ruling comes from a lawsuit brought on by the Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans, citing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephens said of her decision “The unrefuted affidavits and documents compel the conclusion that, in light of delays attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, mail delivery has become significantly compromised, and the risk for disenfranchisement when a voter returns an absentee voter ballot by mail is very real.”

Stephens also cited multiple cases of ballots reaching their intended destination, after election day.

Look for this to wind up in court, as Article 2 of the Constitution states that the state legislative branch has the say on the election laws for federal elections.

President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Michigan by less that 1% point in 2016, and he hopes to keep our state on November 3rd.

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