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Mroz Begins Final Academic Year As Michigan Tech President


As students get settled in to their classes at Michigan Tech, it’s a bittersweet time for one person who has meant a lot to the university.

This is the final year for MTU President Glenn Mroz, who says he will be returning to the faculty after 14 years heading up the school.

Mroz says he’s not sure what role he will play after he steps down but he wants to make sure it’s a smooth transition.

Mroz said, “I’ve been really emphasizing finishing things off, cleaning things up, making a real orderly transition to the presidency so that somebody coming in is starting on a level playing field and really that things are attractive to get some really good candidates for president.”

Mroz says his future does probably including returning to the classroom.

Though he is proud of the accomplishments that the university has made, it’s the future that is really interesting, especially when you look at the expansion into medical tech.

Mroz said, “When you take a look at the health sciences, it’s really a big deal and we’re not talking about building a med school here, but we are talking about being able to be the scientific and engineering horsepower behind much of what you see.”

You can hear the entire interview with Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz on this week’s Copper Country Today.

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