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Muzzleloader & Archery Deer Hunting Seasons Underway

Though the firearms deer hunting season ended last Wednesday, deer hunting is now open for muzzleloaders and archery hunters.

Archery season began again on December 1st and runs through New Years Day.

Muzzleloader season started Friday and is open until December 11th in Zones 1 and 2 and December 18th in Zone 3.

Hunters should be aware of any applicable antler point restrictions in the areas where they are hunting.

Check the antler point restriction map and chart on pages 32 and 33 of the 2016 Hunting and Trapping Digest for details.

In the Upper Peninsula, only deer hunters with a certified disability may use a crossbow or a modified bow during the late archery and muzzleloader seasons. This restriction applies to the Upper Peninsula only.

All deer hunters are required to wear hunter orange when participating in the muzzleloader season. The hunter orange requirement does not apply to those participating in the archery season.

For more information about deer hunting in Michigan, visit mi.gov/deer.

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