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New Bus Opening Up Opportunities For Seniors

It’s important that residents of any senior living community get out and about to enjoy the area’s many festivals and events.

Seniors at Gardenview Assisted Living and Memory Care in Calumet will now be able to ride to those events in a new 12-seat bus the center has just purchased.

Gardenview Sales & Marketing Director Ric Leivdal said, “It’s been great! We’ve been able to use it to bring people back home here to Gardenview from, let’s say, the hospital and stuff like that. So, it’s big enough to be meaningful and nimble enough to get around anywhere we need to go.”

It’s not just the residents here who will benefit.  Gardenview also intends to share the ride by allowing other organizations on board.

Leival said, “We hope to partner with some of the community organizations in the area. Obvious organizations that we see it being a benefit to would be like Little Brothers, and things like that, and we’re working on ways to partner with them to maximize the use of the bus.”

The bus arrived just in time for Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival so these residents will have a chance to see the snow statues.

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