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New Business Shared Space Opens In Hancock

The City of Hancock is home to a new type of business.  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held yesterday afternoon to introduce the public to 101 Quincy.

Co-Owner Lynn Makela says they offer a shared office space for independent professionals.  “The basic concept is that you’re working on an independent project but you’re in a shared location. Lots of collaboration happens. Hopefully lots of inspiration and we intend to get a lot of work done,” said Makela.

Makela and her partner Jake Northey were both entrepreneurs who merged their business plans into a team effort after being introduced by a mutual friend just a few weeks ago.

Northey said, “We actually have been working on this only a couple of months. My co-founder Lynn and I met a couple of months ago. We both independently had an idea for a co-working space. She needed a building, I had the building. She had ideas, I had no ideas.”

The work space is now open for business and features several conference rooms, the necessary office equipment, and plenty of desks with a bird’s eye view of Hancock.

Makela said, “We’re hoping to welcome new members over the next few weeks. We’ve got a lot of different membership options. You could do a punch card where you could come by once a month or you could be here everyday and have to hang out with me.”

In addition to serving business people, 101 Quincy also offers student packages for those who prefer to work off campus.

“We know that there are a lot of students that would like to start up things in their spare time but they need an actual space—a space away from campus that they can call their own and that’s what we’re trying to facilitate there,” said Northey.

Membership and more information can be found at www.101quincy.com.

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