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New Company Founded By Yoopers Promotes Upper Peninsula

There’s a new online t shirt  and apparel company, which is dedicated to showing love for the Upper Peninsula.

Friends Matt Palomaki from Marquette and Gary Campioni from Dollar Bay, met while attending Northern Michigan University. 

Their new business aptly named Showupness, came about during a Facetime conversation.

Campioni said the people are what makes the Upper Peninsula special.

Both have moved on from the UP after graduating, but they still have a spot in their hearts for the U.P. And relish a chance to come back home.

Campioni also went on to say there’s an instant connection, when you meet up with a fellow Yooper, possibly because they’ve all had to shovel 300 inches of snow, and always stopped to help push a car out of the snow, because it could be you tomorrow.

He also added U.P.-ness is easier to show, than describe.

Their website posed the question “When does U.P.-ness show?

And answers included When I’m in my deer blind or around a campfire.

And it shows when I have a cord of wood and my chainsaw.

Palomaki and Campioni stated they’re excited to have their website up and running, with 9-0-6 Day, on September 6th, rapidly approaching. 

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