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New MTEC Smartzone CEO Sees Opportunities For Local Tech Companies

The new head of the MTEC Smartzone is preparing to lead the business incubator into the next decade.  CEO Daniel Jamison took over the reigns of the Smartzone two months ago after former CEO Marilyn Clark retired.

Jamison says he sees the impact the Smartzone can provide not only on the local economy but for the talented youth being developed here.  “If you’ve grown up here, if you’ve lived past the first semester at Michigan Tech, you’re probably going to keep coming back here and how do we provide a way for those people to have an income and do those things that they want to do in an area that’s unique in the world and I’ve been to many, many parts of the world. This place has everything anybody could possibly look for except employment or income and my hope is I can continue to help improve that situation,” said Jamison.

The MTEC Smartzone secured its funding from the state of Michigan for 15 years and is poised to continue to grow local technology startups in the Copper Country.  “We’re sized perfectly for the area for the deal flow, for the opportunities. We have space in our facilities which means, as the students become inventive in the spring as it gets warmer, we can start structuring companies that will grow organically and stay,” Jamison said.

You can hear the entire interview with new MTEC Smartzone CEO Daniel Jamison on this Sunday’s episode of Copper Country Today at 7:00amon 97.7 The Wolf, 8:00am on 99.3 The Lift, and 9:00am on KBear 102.3, or any time at http://www.keweenawreport.com/c-c-today/copper-country-today-february-3-2019/

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