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Northern Michigan University Revises Schedule For Fall Semester

Look for Northern Michigan University’s Fall Semester to begin a week early.

Face to Face instruction returns on August 17th, and the semester ends on November 24th.

The NMU Board of Trustees held a virtual meeting, and approved the revised schedule.

President Fritz Erickson believed the earlier start would hopefully avoid a resurgence of COVID-19  later in the Fall.

A task force headed by Academic Senate Chair Norma Froelich and made up of faculty and campus representatives came up with a solution.

Erickson said “This will prevent students from traveling home for Thanksgiving week, then returning to campus for the final two weeks of the semester.”

The new schedule gives instructors the discretion to schedule exams or not.

Board Chair Steve Mitchell called the new schedule part of their well researched, well thought out, comprehensive effort to protect the student body, faculty and staff.

Additional protocols will be announced, as they become part of the plan. 

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