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Old Paint Store Location Could Be Redeveloped Into Family Housing

Local officials are eyeing a redevelopment project that could lead to new housing in Lake Linden.

The Houghton County Land Bank Authority will be applying for a demolition grant for the old Lakes Paint Supply site located in a residential neighborhood.  The property covers four parcels on Front Street between 13th Street and 14th Street in the Village of Lake Linden, which could be redeveloped as three single family houses.

Hancock Mayor John Haeussler spoke as a member of the land bank authority Tuesday at the regular meeting of the Houghton County Board of Commissioners.  “The ultimate goal for that property would be to clean it up and redevelop it as single family housing to fit the structure and character of the neighborhood,” Haeussler said.

Haeussler said the project could also be done through the Brownfield Redevelopment Plan.

The state of Michigan has made $350,000 available for demolition sites that are part of a redevelopment project, with a maximum of $50,000 per grant.

Haeussler said this program is tailor made for the needs of the county and follows a recent visit of representatives from the Michigan Land Bank Authority.  “We toured them around some sites and one of the things that they were interested in was this property in Lake Linden and they thought this was a great opportunity for the land bank to possibly start working in a Brownfield Redevelopment capacity as well and to clean up this property and kind of make the neighborhood whole with some residential development,” he said.

The Houghton County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution in support of the grant application, which is due to the state by February 15th.

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