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Paying For Library Fines With Food

If you don’t return your library materials on time, you get charged a small fine.

Don’t return them for a long time or have a lot of overdue items–and that fine can add up.

The Portage Lake District Library in Houghton is once again given patrons a chance to pay those overdue fines by donating food.


PLDL Community Programs Director Chris Alquist said, “Food for Fines is a way for people to pay their overdue fines with food, rather than money, and the food that we collect will be donated to local food pantries. We will give the food to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul.”

Up to $10 in fines can be paid for by food.

The program has been hugely popular and even if you don’t have library fines, you are still welcome to donate.

The Food for Fines program runs through March 31st.

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