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Phi Kappa Tau Remain Snow Statue Champions

One of the biggest draws to Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival are the snow statues.

This year’s theme is “Snow Cascades Across The Decades”, with statues featuring snapshots of life at different points of history.

The judges selected the top three in each division in the month-long statue contest—Men, Women and Co-Ed–then the top three scores from all divisions were placed into the “Overall Month-Long” section.

Holding onto their snow statue building crown, Phi Kappa Tau was selected number one with their depiction of the final frontier and the merging of the east and west coast in the 1800’s.

Phi Kappa Tau Statue Chairman Ethan Brown said, “It’s definitely comparable to some of the winners we’ve had in the past and I hold a lot more pride in this one just because I helped construct it and plan it and everything like that.  It’s just an amazing feeling sitting out there at 8:00 in the morning, looking back on what we’ve been able to create.”

The winners of the statue competition, along with the overall Carnival winners will be presented at the awards ceremony following the Sno Ball at 8 p.m. Saturday on the Rozsa Center Stage.

Winter carnival continues through the weekend with free sled dog rides, horse drawn carriage rides and the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks Saturday night.

For a full schedule of events, click here.

And the Winners are:

Month Long Statues:

  • Overall
  1. Phi Kappa Tau—“In the Snow it shall appear, a Town of the New Frontier”
  2. Tau Kappa Epsilon—“In This Icy Condition, We Mourn Prohibition”
  3. Sigma Tau Gamma and Theta Chi Epsilon—“Leaving the 80s High and Dray as We Hit ’88 with Marty McFly
  • Men’s
  1. Phi Kappa Tau—“In the Snow it shall appear, a Town of the New Frontier
  2. Tau Kappa Epsilon—“In this Icy Condition, We Mourn Prohibition”
  3. Sigma Phi Epsilon—“The Keweenaw’s Silver Lining is the Decade of Copper Mining”
  • Women’s
  1. Alpha Sigma Tau—“In Tonight’s Feature Presentation, A Pehenomenon Sweeps the Nation. The 50s Tradition Captured in Snow, Where American Teenagers Love to Go”
  2. Delta Zeta—A 60s Dinner Meal of Ice and Show, Fills Your Belly When It’s 10 Below”
  3. Delta Phi Epsilon—“Let’s Have a Blast Though Michigan Tech’s Past”
  • Co-Ed’s
  1. Sigma Tau Gamma and Theta Chi Epsilon— “Leaving the 80s High and Dry as We Hit ’88 with Marty McFly”
  2. 4 Wheelers of MTU—“Off-Road Upgrades Across the Decades”
  3. Raptor and Armada (no name)

All Nighter Statues:

  1. St. Albert the Great
  2. Concordia Student Ministries
  3. Strange Crew

Interactive Statues:

  1. Huskies Pep Band

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