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Police & Truck Drivers Come Together For Safety

Logging TruckTrucks carrying heavy loads pose a risk to everyone if safety regulations are not followed.

That’s why it’s important for them to know what those regulations are and what officers are looking for in the event they get pulled over.

A truck traffic safety meeting was held in Houghton to bring police and commercial motor vehicle operators together.

Lt. Doug Szczepanski of the Michigan State Police said, “The more that we can do in an education fashion, the less we have to do on the side of the road with enforcement. So, some of the things that we do look for—we’re looking at weight enforcement and load securement and driver behavior—violations of that sort.”

Truck drivers…business owners and representatives from the Michigan Timbermen’s Association took part in the meeting…sponsored by State Representative Scott Dianda…who also learned a thing or two.

State Representative Scott Dianda said, “Especially with the changes in some of the law that happened in the early 90’s that have taken place. I’m also a CDL holder. I used to work for the Department of Transportation, so I’m very familiar with truck driving and making sure things are safe.”

The Michigan State Police say most crashes involving a commercial motor vehicle are the fault of a passenger vehicle driver.

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