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Portage Township Debates Marijuana Policy

Portage Township has taken another tentative step toward creating an ordinance that would allow recreational marijuana commerce within its borders.

At a lengthy meeting Monday, trustees couldn’t agree on whether to limit the number of marijuana businesses. Bill Fink explained that setting limits can cause problems….

“As soon as we get into saying we’re restricting the number of applicants, then, if we ever get more than that number of applicants, we start getting into having to maintain a roster.”

John Ollila remains cautious about proceeding with no cap…

“Gut reaction, emotional reason and intellectual, but I’m not across that bridge right now.”

Numerous trustees noted that they have received calls recently from entrepreneurs wondering when – and if – the Township will open up.

Fink volunteered to begin drafting an ordinance, leaving language about the limit to be determined later.

Township supervisor Bruce Peterson said he’s applied for some federal COVID-19 relief funds. Some of the money could help defray the costs of safety equipment that has been installed. Some could be used to cover losses for unpaid services…

“People owing back water and sewer bills, any kind of damages and payments that we don’t receive.”

A decision as to how much the township might receive is expected in September.

Township resident Jackie Chandler expressed concern about the traffic speeds on Main Street in Hurontown. People driving in from Dodgeville aren’t slowing down…

“The community needs to be reminded that this is a residential area. Folks are good people, they’re just not paying attention, and that’s dangerous.

Peterson said he’ll try to find a radar speed sign to post to remind drivers that they’re entering a low-speed residential area.

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