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Portage Township Nears Completion on New Ice Rink Restroom

Portage Township is consolidating its polling places.

At its meeting on Monday, the Township Board completed the process of reducing the number of on-site voting locations from three to two. Supervisor Bruce Peterson explained that, as more people take advantage of easier absentee voting, fewer people are expected to show up at the polls.

Beginning with the next election, votes may be cast either at the Hurontown Fire Hall, or at the Tapiola Senior Center.

The township is also putting the final touches on expanded restroom facilities at the Dodgeville Ice Rink.

Peterson said they received a grant for the project several years ago. The first time they requested bids, the cost came in higher than expected. The project was recently re-bid, with better results.

The new heated restroom will be significantly larger, and handicapped accessible. Township officials hope it will open up new uses for the rink, even in the summer months.

The project cost around $80,000, with $39,000 covered by the grant.

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