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Power Outage Leads To Fraudulent Charges For Some SNB Customers

Superior National Bank is working to address a problem over the weekend that led to some fraudulent activity on some customers’ debit and ATM cards.

Most of the fraudulent charges were less than $100 and bank officials are contacting affected customers directly and removing any fraudulent charges and corresponding fees from their accounts.

In a Facebook post, the bank says the issue began with a power outage in Georgia that led to a hardware issue at the vendor who processes the Superior National Bank debit and ATM card transactions.

The bank responded by disabling several types of bank card transactions as a proactive measure to protect customers.

They also conducted an internal investigation. At this time, it does not appear any confidential or personal information on the bank’s system was accessed.

Officials say they will continue to work with their processor to carefully monitor accounts for suspicious activity.

Debit and ATM card services were expected to be operation on Monday, January 14th.

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