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Rep. Dianda Applauds Passage of Wolf Hunt Legislation

LANSING — State Representative Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) voted in favor of Senate Bill 1187 to add wolves to the definition of game animals late Wednesday night. The legislation would allow for the hunting of wolves which could help mitigate some of the negative impacts of the resurgent wolf population in the Upper Peninsula.

“I’m pleased my colleagues in Lansing were able to come together to support the U.P.,” said Dianda. “This legislation corrects issues ruled on by the Michigan Court of Appeals and reinstates the original intent of the previous wolf hunting legislation passed in 2013.”

The bill requires that the Natural Resources Commission’s (NRC) decisions regarding the designation of game species and creating an open season upon a game species to be consistent with sound scientific wildlife management.

Dianda offered two amendments to the bill prior to its passage in the House. The first amendment would legally allow hunters to trap wolves. The second amendment would require the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to trap half of the wolves located in the Upper Peninsula and relocate those wolves to the Lower Peninsula. Both of the amendments were defeated.

“Some of my colleagues from downstate don’t understand our unique issues in the Upper Peninsula,” said Dianda. “I offered these amendments to prove a point to them, as they did not support my amendments because they do not want wolves being located their local communities.”

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