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Replacement Stone Ordered For Italian Hall Victims Memorial

The installation of a public monument honoring those lost in the Italian Hall Tragedy has been postponed until spring.

The delay is a result of a defect that was recently found after the stone arrived from overseas.

“It’s a nice park now, but it’s going to be really good when the memorial is finally up,” said Mike Lahti, a member of the Italian Hall Memorial Committee, referring to the monument that will soon be installed honoring the 73 people who lost their lives in the Italian Hall Tragedy of 1913.

Installation of the monument began a few months ago when a base was poured, but the imported granite stone to bear the names was recently found to have some discoloration, so it was rejected.

Lahti said, “The rock had some brown in it. It wasn’t the black and it couldn’t be shined up to be the black and Champion Monument said, ‘Well. this is going to be around hopefully for a long, long time and we want to have it done right to start with,’ so they didn’t accept it.”

A new stone has been ordered, which will be mined in India, then transported to Minneapolis where the victims names will be etched. From there, the 4 ton granite rock will be brought to Calumet and installed in the park.

“It means a lot to the ones who lost family members here and have lived with that in their history,” said Lahti.

The new stone is expected to be shipped in January and in place at the park by May of next year.

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