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Resignations Rock Hancock School District

The Hancock Public School District is facing a major challenge in the wake of a slew of leadership resignations.

The Daily Mining Gazette reported the abrupt resignation of School Board President Kevin Kalinec, followed by Secretary Paula Nutini a week later and a letter of resignation by School Superintendent Kipp Beaudoin, effective at the end of the school year.

Beaudoin declined to answer questions regarding the state of affairs surrounding the controversies at the school or the issues the school board is facing, but confirmed he is leaving to pursue mission opportunities through his church.

Middle and High School Principal Ezekiel Ohan appeared on Copper Country Today last week to highlight the school’s academic achievements to show some of the positive things going on in Hancock.

Ohan was recently the subject of an online petition calling on the school board not to renew his contract, which runs through 2020.

The petition was initiated by an anonymous person who described themselves as a “concerned parent.”

The exact concerns are unclear though social media comments have called out the school administration for not properly handling complaints of potential violence and not doing enough to curb bullying.

The Hancock School Board’s next regular scheduled meeting is Monday, March 18th at 5:30pm.

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