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Scam Alert – Fake Publisher’s Clearinghouse

Copper Country residents are receiving fake mailings, claiming to be from the renowned Publishers Clearinghouse.

Michigan State Police troopers say the message informs the recipient that they have won a substantial cash prize. A check is included, allegedly to cover taxes, legal and administrative fees. Instructions advise the recipient to contact a claims manager for further instructions before depositing the check.

The check is fake, the mailing is not from Publishers Clearinghouse, and there is no prize.

Do not call the “claims manager,” who will likely ask for personal information, such as Social Security and bank account numbers.

Officials encourage you to be very cautious when receiving any unsolicited mailings, telephone calls or emails promising large gifts or prizes. Also be wary of callers who ask about your Social Security Number, personal information, unknown debt to the Internal Revenue Service, or unpaid utility bills.

Do not provide personal information, and do not be pressured into making uninformed decisions.

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