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Scary Good Time At Treat Street

treat-street-2016Things get a little scary in downtown Houghton when Treat Street comes around–good thing there’s plenty of superheroes in town to keep everyone in line.

The 8th Annual Treat Street saw good weather and a huge crowd of children.

With so many people coming to the event, it’s the businesses downtown that make it possible.

Houghton Assistant City Manager & Clerk Ann Vollrath said, “They have to buy at least 2,000 pieces of candy, because that’s at least how many kids we get going through, and they’re all willing to do it and they actually look forward to it and they have a lot of fun.

Chickadees Employee Julie Dunstan said, “Seeing the kids in their costume and just such a joyful time—I mean, Trick-or-Treating has a lot of wonderful memories for me and everybody comes in with a smile on their face.”

But the ones having the most fun are the little ones getting the candy and going through the Haunted House at the City Center.

8-year-old Kaylee Newsom of Kearsarge said, “We get to go to the Haunted House and it’s not that scary but I like going in the Haunted House.”

Happy Halloween!

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