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Search for Men Who Attended Potential UP Super Spreader

Authorities in the eastern Upper Peninsula are trying to track down around 50 men who gathered for a retreat last weekend.

A person with an active case of COVID-19 attended the gathering, which took place at the United Methodist Church in Pickford. Others who attended are at risk, but leaders won’t tell officials who they are.

Bridge Magazine reports that local church leaders say it wasn’t their gathering, that they just let the men use their facility.

The men who attended the retreat are said to be from a group called Keryx, which is described on its website as a non-denominational prison ministry.

Health officials say their calls to Keryx leaders have been met mostly with hang-ups. One nurse was accused of working for Satan.

Officials say that those who attended the Keryx meeting came from a wide area. If you were there, or have spent time with someone who was, you may have been exposed, and should be tested.

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