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Senior Project Fresh Coupons to Be Distributed by Mail

Because of COVID-19 concerns, this year’s Michigan Senior Project Fresh coupon distribution will be done by mail.

The coupon vouchers are given out to seniors below certain income levels to purchase Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and honey from local farmers markets and roadside stands.

MSU Extension officials say the coupon supply will be limited this year. A drawing will be held to determine the recipients. The names of those who don’t make the first cut will be maintained on a wait list, in case more coupons become available.

To be eligible for coupons, you must register, and:
– Be at least 60 years old,
– Have a total household income of at or less than 185% of poverty ($23,107 for one person, or $31,284 for two people),
– Live in the county for which you receive your coupons.

For more information, or to register, contact Kathy Bauer at MSU Extension at (906) 884-4386 or e-mail preissk@msu.edu.

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