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Should Calumet Dissolve? Voters Will Decide Tuesday

What will Calumet Village look like after this election and will it even exist?

Two recall elections are taking place for Village President Dave Geisler and for trustee Virginia Dwyer, and a proposal to dissolve the village entirely are on the ballot November 6th.

Since dissolution also requires a majority vote of Calumet Township voters as well as the village, it would appear unlikely to pass next week and Calumet Township Supervisor Paul Lehto has stated his opposition to it.

Social media has been used by backers of the proposal to argue their viewpoints, but there have not been any public meetings or print materials explaining the plan to disincorporate and more importantly, what the plan is moving forward if the proposal does pass.

Exactly how the process works is unclear from the state since it is so rare that a village dissolves.

Calumet Village is at a crossroads. For years, village council meetings have been volatile and unproductive with those elected at odds with many members of the community who attend the meetings to voice their concerns.

Controversies over the hiring, firing and hiring of a police chief, a local medical marijuana dispensary being forced out of business, and the cancellation of local garbage removal service have all been issues argued over.

Accusations of corruption, favoritism, and mismanagement have been levied at current and past village leaders but few official actions have been taken in response to those claims.

Some see the Village of Calumet in a state of decline and perhaps the income levels and population numbers back that up. Others work to revitalize parts of the downtown and keep the spirit of the community going while balancing the area’s history with its future. And then there are those who see a different future for the village if there is a change in its leadership.

Where the village goes next will be decided Tuesday.

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