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Take A Trip To The Past With Keweenaw Time Traveler

Those looking to explore Keweenaw history now have a new resource available–a computer app that guides users through their search of people, places and things from the local past.

“We just launched the explore app that really lets people explore and search around what happened here, how things have changed over time,” said Dr. Sarah Scarlett from Michigan Tech’s Social Sciences Department, who has been working with colleagues on an interactive app that will allow tourists, history buffs, and curious individuals to travel through the pages of time to see what these towns were like in years past.

Dr. Scarlett said, “You can search around and find out who lived in buildings, who worked in buildings, and things that happened in places all over the Keweenaw.”

The web based app has been in the testing stages for some time and is now fully functional and available for public use.

It offers its users information on long standing buildings.  Homeowners can also view information on their dwellings, such as previous residents and historical events that may have taken place at or near their home dating back as far as the late 1800s.

Much of the data was contributed by local residents who offered stories, newspaper articles and photographs, and the app is still collecting information.

In fact, users are encouraged to add more photos and stories of the Keweenaw.

Scarlett said, “Anyone can come in here and add memories that you have of a place or something that you know happened here historically.”

To use the app or obtain more information go to keweenawtimetraveler.com.

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