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White Pine Mine Purchase Delayed Again

Highland Copper Company has again extended its agreement to purchase the undeveloped area north of the old White Pine Mine. Highland has been trying to complete the purchase from the Copper Range company for more than three years. The company says the sticking point continues to be assurances that will release Copper Range from lingering environmental obligations from the original White Pine mine. The new target date is December 15th. If the deal can be concluded, Highland intends to push forward with development next year. Meanwhile, Highland continues to work up plans for the mine and processing facility at its Copperwood Project, located near the southern boundary of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. Test drilling that was suspended because of an early thaw this spring will likely be completed once conditions permit this winter. Among the plans the company says it’s working on is an upgrade to County Road 519, which connects the Presque Isle State Campground with M-28 at Wakefield.

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