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Wildfire Forces Isle Royale Closures – UPDATED

UPDATE MONDAY AFTERNOON – The Mount Franklin Fire’s size has been reduced down to an estimated 5.7 acres. Initial size estimates for wildfires are based on first-responder reports, and are often adjusted. Crews are on the island, but the National Park Service has not posted a determination for containment as of Monday at 12 pm. With favorable weather and low wind, crews say that the fire has seen little growth during the last 24-hours.

UPDATE SUNDAY EVENING – A firefighting crew has arrived at the fire, which is estimated at 11 acres. No containment estimate has been provided.

A small wildfire has closed down some popular areas on Isle Royale.

Dubbed the “Mt. Franklin Fire,” it was spotted early Saturday afternoon. It’s located near the head of Tobin Harbor, just west of the Three Mile Dock and Campground.

Park officials initially estimated it at 10 acres, but said it was developing. A tanker plane from Minnesota dumped five 800-gallon loads on the site late that afternoon. Fire crews were expected to arrive on Sunday to try to contain the blaze.

The Three Mile facilities are closed, along with…
• Mount Ojibway Trail,
• Lane Cove Trail and Campground,
• Greenstone Ridge Trail from the Daisy Farm Trail junction east to the Tobin-Duncan Portage Trail junction,
• Rock Harbor Trail between Daisy Farm Campground and Rock Harbor,
• Mount Franklin Trail,
• Tobin Harbor Trail,
• Suzy’s Cave Trail

Cross-Country Camping Zones 8, 8A, 9A, 10, 11, 12, 13, 33 and 36 are closed for camping as well as cross-country day use.

Officials do not know how the fire started. They are asking for information from anyone who might have been in the area Saturday.

See more details here.

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