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Winter Carnival Logo Modified Because of “Controversial Content”

A controversy has flared up over the logo for Michigan Tech’s upcoming Winter Carnival.

In a Facebook post last evening, the Blue Key Society – which organizes Winter Carnival – said the logo was being modified because of complaints that the original contained “controversial content and graphics.”

The theme for Winter Carnival 2020 is “Discover What Shines from Prehistoric Times.”

The original 2020 MTU Winter Carnival logo

The original logo included a scene with a mountainous background, two cartoon-style dinosaurs, and a cartoon-style image of the backside of what appears to be a caveman with medium-brown skin tone approaching the dinosaurs, carrying a spear.

The revised 2020 MTU Winter Carnival logo

The revised version removes the caveman, adjusts the background slightly, and adds a silhouette of the Upper Peninsula in the foreground.

The post did not identify who brought the complaint, or what about the original they thought was offensive. 

In the post, Blue Key said it “never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable; we want to ensure that the image of the University, Blue Key, and Winter Carnival be kept in a good light, while maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment.”

See Blue Key’s full statement on the Winter Carnival Facebook page.

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