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Woodworker Has Helped Copper Country Humane Society Raise Over $100,000

shelter-tableThe spirit of giving is at the heart of the holiday season and the Copper Country Humane Society is expressing their appreciation for a couple who embody that spirit.

Dave and Diana Stimac became involved with the shelter ten years ago when people would abandon pets at the remote village of Alberta in Baraga County, where Dave has his shop–Nature’s Way Woodworking.

Dave was asked if he would consider donating a cutting board for a fundraiser for the shelter.

Dave said, “What the heck! A cutting board, you’re not going to make much money on a cutting board. I said let’s do something decent, so we started and we said let’s give them a coffee table and see what we can raise on this thing—try to raise some good money.”

Little did he know that he would be making a coffee table every year for the next decade, or that combined, those tables would raise over $100,000 for the Copper Country Humane Society.

CCHS Board of Directors member Roger Woods. Said, “Many, many people that I talk to throughout the community ask, ‘okay, when’s the drawing? I’ve never won! I keep trying every year. I buy all these tickets,’ and I always thank them, because it’s not just about the table itself but the act of being able to help the animals in the community and help our shelter.”

The raffle takes place annually in December during the craft show in Marquette

Diana designs the layout and Dave puts in about 50-60 hours worth of labor into making each table.

Dave said, “But it’s fun. I really, really like making that style of stuff so it’s really enjoyable.”

People get excited about the chance of winning one of his coffee tables, so Dave doesn’t plan to change what he’s doing.  Although he says one day, he’d like to make a kitchen table so the shelter could really raise some money.

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