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Workspace Partnership Working Out

Earlier this year, local professionals welcomed the opening of a new business concept for this area that allows individuals a space to work without the expenses associated with maintaining a traditional office.

Recently that endeavor partnered with the Portage Lake District Library, making the resource available to cardholders, and Library Director Dillon Geshel says the idea came about earlier in the year after patrons expressed the desire for creative workspace at the library.

“During our strategic planning process earlier this year we heard from a lot of patrons that they’d like to see more study space in the library but also creative work space. At that time 101 Quincy was really just opening their doors, I think that was in May of this year. So we reached out to them to find out what it would take to have a pass available to card holders,” said Geshel.

That partnership began in mid October and it gives its users a desk with internet access, and several areas to choose from. Geshel says the program has been well received.  “They can now check out a two day pass to 101 Quincy Coworking, which is a shared creative workspace in Hancock that allows working professionals who don’t have office space to have a shared space they can meet and work with other professionals,” he said.

More Information can be found at www.pldl.org.

Geshel said, “Patrons are welcome to come to their library’s front desk and ask us how they can go about getting a two day pass to the work space.”

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