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Writing Center Open For Students At Houghton High School

Houghton High School students who would like assistance with their writing assignments now have a new resource available to them.

The school has opened its writing center for the season, where students can acquire assistance from writing coaches three days a week.



“And we just help them with mistakes, or if they have any questions about their grammar and it’s just a rewarding experience to be able to help these kids gets get some inner knowledge about writing,” said writing coach Connor Jackson, who is a senior at Houghton high school.

Connor and other students volunteer at the writing center and provide creative assistance to fellow students.

Houghton High School began operating the center five years ago at the request of teachers Ruth Ryynanan and Kate Bonacorsi.

The writing center is located in room 127 and open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all day and all students are welcome.

Ryynanan says that the center is in need of some decorations and encourages creative students to make posters, paintings and digital art to enhance the room.

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