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Michigan Tech Bans E-Cigs

For decades, Michigan Tech has had policies on tobacco use and a few months ago, discussions began about banning the use of e–cigarettes as well. And due to the fact that many health organizations really don’t know how to classify it, that leaves the Tobacco–Free Task Force with their hands tied on how to regulate it.

Mroz requested feedback from the University Senate, Staff Council as well as the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Governments on whether or not e–cigarettes should be banned on campus. The USG said they would like to see a ban on indoor use only, while the Senate and Staff Council both expressed their support for a complete ban and ultimately, that’s what the Executive Team decided to do.

Former USG Treasurer Steven Steinhoff gave a presentation to the University Senate regarding the benefits of e–cigarettes and how they even helped him quit smoking. He says that he felt the whole process was rushed and even said he thinks the students got slighted in this situation.

Currently, the USG is not planning to do anything else regarding the ban but President Mroz did say that if more research is done on the federal level, the issue could be revisited in the future.

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