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Michigan Veterinarians Alerted Over Products Recalled from North Carolina Pharmacy

April 3, 2015 – The Michigan Bureau of Heath Care Services has alerted Michigan veterinarians who may have been affected by a recall of veterinarian medicine provided by a North Carolina pharmacy.

Prescription Center Pharmacy, also part of E-Compounding Pharmacy, was closed by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has issued a recall of all lots of non-sterile and sterile products compounded, repackaged and distributed by Prescription Center between September 10, 2014 and March 10, 2015 due to lack of sterility, potency, and stability assurance.

Affected veterinarians have been alerted to stop using all compounded products distributed by Prescription Center and that these products need to be disposed of immediately according to state and/or local government guidelines. Veterinarians need to contact all affected patients and alert them to immediately stop using these products and dispose of them properly.

Veterinarians and patients are urged to contact BHCS if there are any suspected adverse reactions or quality problems experienced as a result of using recalled product. Contact BHCS at 517-335-1980 orbhcsinfo@michigan.gov.

The company distributed recalled compounded products in all 50 states including Canada.

Links to the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy’s recall announcement that includes additional details as well as information from the Food and Drug Administration regarding recommendations for the proper disposal of the medications are listed below.

North Carolina Board of Pharmacy

Food and Drug Administration

BHCS will continue to investigate this matter.

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